Contact Details

Please text or call me on this number. Prior bookings are preferred. If you had made a booking before and not turned up or confirmed, you may be required to either pay a deposit or transfer an upfront payment before a session can be confirmed.

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    0472 792 291




    Now on a serious note:

    1. I do not do brown showers and needle play.
    2. Once a booking has been made unless there are more serious questions, I will not engage in continuous text conversations after the initial conversation has been established.
    3. If you are asked to confirm at a certain time and do not do so, I reserve the right to cancel your booking
    4. If you have made a previous booking and not turned up, I reserve the right to take prior payment from you.
    5. If you are a time waster, I will block your calls.
    6. I do not make out calls either as all sessions will be conducted in the dungeon.